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Christmas presents for children battling cancer

Christmas presents for children battling cancer

Christmas time will feel very different for children battling cancer at Oncohematology Department in Santariškės hospital this year, but we, at the DCC Charity, still wish to make Christmas magical, whilst keeping everyone safe. Kids should not have to worry if Santa will find them in the hospital or not.
Pre-election debate

Pre-election debate

Together with
Norwegian - Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania
Vokietijos ir Baltijos šalių prekybos rūmai
we had Pre-election debate 2020 held at
Radisson BLU Lietuva
this Thursday.
The discussion was moderated by Dainius Radzevičius, Chairman of the Lithuanian Journalists Union.
A huge thanks to Lukas Savickas (Peasants and Greens Union); Ingrida Šimonytė (Homeland Union); Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen (Liberal Movement), and Gintautas Paluckas (Social Democratic Party) for participation. The priorities of each party’s economic programs were discussed as well as strategy of attracting foreign investment to Lithuania and improving business environment.
Nordic chambers meeting

Nordic chambers meeting

This week we had a very nice and productive meeting with between Nordic chambers -
Norwegian - Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania
and Finnish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce. Both chairmen and directors met for a lunch while discussing the chambers future collaboration. In the times we are living now where lots of unpredicted things can happen any time because of Covid -19, all business and organisations have to be ready to face various challenges. Collaboration and partnership are the key points now.

Nordic chambers have been successfully the last years already, however we want to lift it to a higher level in order to be as much beneficial for members as possible. We are together working on the plan which will be presented to all our members in the near future.
Leading through uncertainty

Leading through uncertainty

On 22nd of September we had a nice opportunity to finally gather together to spread our knowledge and have a nice networking. A huge thanks to #NLCC for inviting #DCC to be a partner in "Leading through uncertainty" event. It was very interesting and useful to get advices and insights how to navigate leadership during this prolonged period of uncertainty. Thanks to ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetas and especially to the speakers Alan Mitcham, Audronė Nakrošienė, Dalius Misiunas, Natalija Selenkoviene, Stein Ove Sektnan. 

The event was followed by nice as always lunch at Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius.
DCC board meeting || 09.09.2020

DCC board meeting || 09.09.2020

On 9th of September DCC board after all online meeting finally gathered together at Danish Embassy to discuss the plans for DCC. Please see the minutes of the meeting attached below.
Important message from Jakobsen Home Co

Important message from Jakobsen Home Co

This month, the chairman of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, Mr. Jan Hyttel together with the Ambassador of Denmark to Lithuania, Mr. Hans Brask, went on a trip to visit Danish-owned furniture company Jakobsen Home, located in Alytus, to hear about their production, their company values as well as the challenges they have been facing lately.

Last year, Jakobsen Home was celebrating 20 years anniversary, however the happiness was overshadowed by an ecological disaster in their neighborhood. Even though the company have approached Alytus Municipality long time ago to talk about the danger and risk coming from their neighbor Ekologistika, nobody took it seriously.

During the Ekologistika fire, such attitude has caused not only the direct financial losses of more than EUR 80 000 after a 20% compensation from Government to the company, but UAB “Jakobsen Home Co” had to terminate the production for 11 days, also having losses of reputation among its international and EU partners, which the company have been building for years.

However, there is more. The local businessman, acting under the company UAB “MS LT01”, is planning to start the chemical plant 10 meters from Danish capital company Jakobsen Home in Alytus, near the site of Ekologistika.

The main concern of Jakobsen Home is, that the planned activities in the technological process is experimental and that the minerals and chemicals, that will be used in the planned production, raises great potential dangers to the environment and the public. They see much bigger risks compared to the Ekologistika disaster as such chemicals could potentially explode, risking the health of their own employees and those of the neighboring companies.

The company behind the chemical plant is not required to have liability insurance, and they potentially can use an old, unmaintained building.

 If Alytus municipality or the Environmental Protection Department under the Ministry of Environment will not assure an independent international evaluation of the risks of this chemical plant, then all neighboring companies cannot be sure that their employees are safe and thus will have to move. Moving out of the building which last years was officially evaluated at 4,2 million euros would only show that Alytus Municipality and Lithuania is simply not protecting their foreign investors. There are more companies who are really concerned what will happen if the chemical plant will be allowed to operate without thorough safety and security measures. If Alytus and Lithuania in general wants to keep their current investors and not lose the potential ones, they should really start doing something in order to protect it.


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