Even the smallest gestures go a long way, and no-one has ever become poor from giving

Helping those in need

DCC fundraise money through directly donations from lottery, sweep stakes, auctions, charity concerts, ad hoc donations, and other events (e.g. culture and alike)

The Charity Group

The Danish Chamber of Commerce Charity Committee consist of volunteers amoungst our members, members of the board, our director as well as other members of the public.

They are always on the look for volunteers, people with good ideas and a surplus of time and energy.

The Charity Group's

Purpose, mission and vision

With different tools, helping those in need

Our mission is to create activities and awareness around those in special need for support in Lithuania. DCC work has in the past been particularly involved with projects supporting the quality of life for placed in hospitals, in orphanages or under otherwise social constraint.  life for children (their parents and professionals) with cancer.

Inspiring and supporting Lithuanian initiatives for organizing framework for an institutional and public engagement into charity programs by establishing foundations and/or alike.