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Contact: Henrik Holmgaard Olsson
E-mail: hho@ltpgroup.com
Website: www.ltpgroup.com

In a field so rapidly changing as the apparel and furniture industry, the only way to get by, is by always being one step ahead. And so, we have made challenges our specialty. Founded in the 1980s, today LTP has grown into a global production partner for forward-thinking garment and furniture brands.

We have made it our mission to care – for our customers, employees, and the planet. We challenge the standards of yesterday and keep raising the bar for responsible and transparent production. We take pride in our skilled and reliable employees who are committed to helping your brand flourish in an ever-changing market.

From our base in Copenhagen, LTP is a leading manufacturer, employing more than 2000 people in 9 modern factories across four countries. Powered by passion, we partner up with ambitious brands that are also eager to innovate and lead the way forward.