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DCC Board Meeting 16.10.2019 | MINUTES

On the 16h of October DCC had the first board meeting with the newly elected chairman Jan Hyttel. The goal was to learn each board members ambition and contribution and to discuss the future plans and ideas for the DCC.

Each  board member made a short presentation about themselves, their ideas and possible inputs for the chamber.

Participants :                                                                        Absent :

Jan Hyttel                                                                             Laimonas Markauskas

Marek Gaidukevic

Simonas Petrulis

Vilmantas Ladyga

Niels Tybjerg

Vilma Jarasiuniene

Greta Vaitekunaite

DCC chairman Jan Hyttel presented his ideas and vision for the board for the next half year :

  • The main and new goal is to have 4 Board Meetings Outside Vilnius in order to reach persons and companies in LT, who could have an interest in 
    • Learning more about DDC
    • To learn from them, what they would like DCC to do, and which activities would be the most relevant and interesting for them. 
    • Second use the opportunities to find DCC ambassadors in the big cities. 
    • DCC board member, Simonas Petrulis, will be in charge of these meetings and Simonas will coordinate the activity with Greta Vaitekunaite. We will shortly spread information about the upcoming first Board Meeting outside Vilnius.
  • Next plan is to have 3 (possible more) working groups :
  1. Charity group 

 The board meeting was also joined by Carl Langhorn who at the extraordinary AGM, showed an interest, being involved in the Charity group. Carl presented the established groups ideas and possible additional members of the group.

The group wants to create activities and awareness around those in special need for support in Lithuania. DCC work has in the past been particularly involved with projects supporting children with cancer, children placed on orphanages or under social constraint. Inspiring and supporting Lithuanian initiatives for organizing framework for an institutional and public engagement into charity programs, establishing foundations and alike. DCC fundraise money through directly donations from lottery, sweep stakes, auctions, charity concerts,  ad hoc donations, and other events (e.g. culture and alike).

We are going to update all information about the Charity group on the webpage soon where everyone will be able to find out about the group members, plans and activities. 

Niels Tybjerg will  be the board member of DCC, active in the Charity Group.

2.   Energy group 

Energy or Sustainable ….. have a significant interest for Denmark. Second DCC have earlier been active within that sector. Third it is also on the priority list of the Danish Embassy.

The Embassy and DCC, will coordinate activities for the group.

Board Member Marek Gaidukevic having the most experience in this are will be in charge of its work. 


3.     Education

With the development of Lithuania and Danish companies in LT, DCC should also be active within that field.

DCC chairman Jan Hyttel will be in charge of this group and soon we will get more information according to education part.


4. ? or more groups

If anyone comes up with an idea for the new group - we are open to hear and discuss it.

For all group activities, a

  • Vision
  • Strategy

Have to be presented to the board by the group

  • Budget and Funding 

Also to be presented.

For each Group, update and info about activities have to be presented to the board. In each of group a board member have to be present.

Social activities 

Members meetings/Key activities 

Board member Vilmantas Ladyga will be in charge of organising social activities for  the DCC members. The more detailed plan will be presented later by Vilmantas.

Social Media :

Board member Niels Tybjerg together with Greta Vaitekunaite will be in charge of Social Media – web page, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. 

Niels Tybjerg will prepare a structure and proposal  for update, news, etc.n order social media to be always opened and transparent for DCC members. 

Reports from every board, group meetings, news relevant to the members will be always posted and updated on DCC Social Media. 

We have also agreed that we will continue cooperation with the Nordic chambers of commerce. Jan Hyttel and Laimonas Markauskas will be in charge of it. 

Cooperation with the Embassy 

DCC has an honorary board member from the Embassy - Vilma Jarašiūnienė, who will be in charge with the Embassy cooperation with the chamber. Vilma will also support that new Danes who comes to Lithuania via the Danish Embassy will be aware of the chamber as well. 

  • Laimonas Markauskas will be vice-chair of DCC and representing DCC 
    • When it is right to have Laimonas as the representing part
    • In case of absent of Chairman

Next meeting date will be soon set and DCC members will be informed about the upcoming first Board Meeting outside Vilnius.


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Sponsor Members

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