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DCC Charity supports information booklet publication for cancer patients and professionals in Lithuania


DCC Charity group is pleased to announce that despite a worldwide pandemic, we were able to publish an information booklet on Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL) to support patients going through their treatment. This was the last wish of our late Chairman, Ove Hanel. Ove wanted to share information that he himself found most useful when going through his cancer treatments in both Lithuania and Denmark.

The brochure outlines issues patients frequently face during the diagnosis and treatment. It comprises easy-to-understand information, the latest available treatment methods, and common adverse drug reactions. The booklet answers questions that patients and their relatives have from pre-diagnosis to treatment.

Ove’s wife, Jane Hanel, was the driving force behind raising funds and coordinating the publishing of the brochure. “Ove’s best hope was that this brochure would help someone going through a very difficult time” – Jane Hanel.

The project was implemented in close cooperation with association “Kraujas” (organization uniting blood cancer sick patients , their relatives and doctors ). The publication was distributed across cancer centers  treating Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Vilnius and Kaunas. ‘