Sustainable construction

 Claus Vandsoe  
 Sustainable Construction Network Chairman

About Sustainable Construction Network

The network is created for DCC members who have links with contruction, energy and similar business. This activity unites our member companies from the same industry, which is a stronger unity when working togetger.

For all members who are interested in Danish Sustainable Construction we have a network which:

  1. Discuss how to promote
  2. Make projects together
  3. Influence decisions
  4. Act as a united team - DCC team

The Mission

The purpose of the SCN is to give DCC members a forum for discussions and where we develop common activities to promote Danish Sustainable Construction.

The network gives the members a platform to speak with "one voice", so it becomes easier to be in dialog with authorities.

Activities in 2015

17 companies have joined the network and during 2015 there were 4 meetings.

Main topic discussed during the meetings were demonstration project with EIKA - which is the core of the network at the moment. The companies who have joined the demonstration project have agreed the technical details with EIKA and the construction is ongoing. 

For more information you are welcome to contact DCC via and get all the necessary information.



Sponsor Members

Sponsor Members

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Who is DCC?

DCC is the main organization representing Danes/Danish companies operating in Lithuania and others involved in Danish - Lithuanian operations. All our activities are based on a strong Danish identity and profile – and being a member should bring value, be interesting and be fun.

DCC is more than just interesting monthly meetings. It is the uniting organization creating network; promoting its members and Danish solutions in Lithuania and even challenging the authorities on matters relevant for the members; promoting its members and Lithuania in Denmark; and involving itself in activities, business as well as social, cultural and charity, relevant, challenging and of importance to its members.

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