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The Lithuania Tribune

Contact: Ruslanas Irzikevicius
Phone: +370 61431215
E-mail: editor@lithuaniatribune.com
Website: en.delfi.lt

The Lithuania Tribune is a privately owned news service covering Lithuania and the Baltic region in the English language. We aim to introduce as any
people as possible to a wide range of information and opinions from ithin
Lithuania, and to connect the worldwide Lithuanian community with its homeland. Our aim is to support ideas that will help Lithuania become a modern and forward-looking member of the liberal and progressive world community. We are in favour of a global Lithuania, with the strength and confidence to feel comfortable with new developments while retaining her heritage, language and culture. We give a platform to as many opinions as possible, while retaining objectivity in our news content. We invite readers to enjoy the evolution of Lithuania, and we welcome all who want to take a constructive role in her future.