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In the COVID era, digital transformation is not only an “eCommerce thing”

This event will be available in Danish language only!

Have we only seen the tip of the digital transformation iceberg? What opportunities IoT devices present to different industries? How do you choose a technology partner for your digital transformation journey? Answers to these and many other questions you might have about digital transformation – on the 10th of June.


eCommerce – Have we only seen the tip of the iceberg?
Peter Boris Kreilgaard – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Digital marketing


  • Development – trends and examples
  • Tech & people – what does the development mean?

„Digital development has been rapid in Europe and it continues to rise. But we need remember to look at the technological development. It comes with great speed and power from Asia and the United States. Companies should invest in tech themselves, and have competence and resources. Companies need to know and have additional information and understanding on digital transformation so that they are not dependent on suppliers“


Digital transformation in practice for the transport and construction industry
Jan Ravn – Alignment Officer/Project Manager Uniqtracking

Topics :

  • What opportunities can be made available to the industries using IoT devices?
  • Easy access to information for everyone in the organization via PC or App
  • Solution model with ongoing adaptations to wishes and requirements.
  • Structured and flexible development partner with Front-IT for 10 years
  • Future expansions in the solution


Digital transformation from client vendor perspective – Importance of partner selection
Ole Bygholm – Country Manager FrontIT


„The dos and don’ts + tips when considering your start in the digital transformation. Why and how you choose a partner in digital transformation journey. Digital transformation and handling of legacy systems?
Either huge all-in-one system vs. getting lost in the variety of tools etc.“


10 Jun 2021


Danish time



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