About Us

A few words about the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, our purpose, values and the strategic goals we pursue

What We're All About

The Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania is the leading organisation in the country with the task of connecting Danish and Lithuanian businesses and organisations, acting like a hub for networking and synergy.


The goal of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania is to make future partners from both countries known to each other, helping both to enter the others markets, creating a symbiosis for business and thereby support the growth of the individual member.

Jan Hyttel
A Brief


The need of a chamber

Our Chamber started, based on the needs from individuals and companies, to get started and living in a country with a history and infrastructure different from what we came from.

These demands have changed over the years and we are now closer to the environment which we came for.

DCC have over the years followed the ongoing changes and adjusted the activities of the Chamber.

The Chamber's


Bridging people, business, authorities and countries

What do our members need today in order to grow and maintain their business or production?

By creating a helping community through networking and socialsing, the Danish Chamber of Commerce strives to be a backbone for the members to lean on. We want businesses to grow by helping them to connect, not only to each other, but also to other businesses, authorities and organisations.

Our main focuses are sustainable growth of industries through market knowledge and the well-being of our members for a safe economic future.

The Chamber is also a possibility for private people to connect with businesses in both Lithuania and Denmark, with the focus on starting a business or out of curiosity.

The Chamber strives to create interesting events for the members throughout the year.
Business events with specific agendas, trips and visits to businesses, debates and social events are among events we have had in the past, and will continue to create.

The Chamber's


By being a sustainable non-profit organization we add value to our society and to Lithuanian and Danish businesses

We do this by being socially, environmentally and financially responsible.

Our overall goal is to create value for our members, current as well as future. The tool box for this contains openness, transparency, social responsibility, straight talk and added a lot of cosiness.

We want to bring the famous Scandinavian “hygge” into everything we do, for our members to feel well and safe and to show others how we do it the Danish way.

By the way… how is “hygge” really pronounced?

The Chamber's

Strategic Goals

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  • Deliver high value to current members
  • Transparent, Vivid, Agile Organisation
  • Attract New Members

DCC is a transparent, vivid and agile organisation

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