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Reviewing January Monthly Members Meeting

Reviewing January Monthly Members Meeting

In spite of heavy snow and windy winter, DCC members gathered to a cosy Radisson BLU Royal Astorija hotel, where we had the first members meeting in 2017. Although still in a post-festive mood, we gathered to discuss quite an important topic – Investment climate in Lithuania and particularly, the story of Baltic FEZ in Marijampolė district.
Famous Danish Opera Singers in Lithuania Made the Amazing Show

Famous Danish Opera Singers in Lithuania Made the Amazing Show

The performance, that makes you dive into the ocean of music, the depth of soul and the harmony of sound... and wait - there were jokes in between! Yes, it was all about the performance of a great trio - Amin Jensen, Elsebet Dorthe Larsen and pianist Ulrich Stærk which was arranged in Vilnius (Gariūnai concert hall) and Kaunas (Restaurant “Europa”) on the 11th and 12th of December.
Danish Christmas Party - a Thousand Ways to Be Generous

Danish Christmas Party - a Thousand Ways to Be Generous

It has been at least 5 years in a row, when Danish Chamber of Commerce invites its friends and members to open Christmas season on the first Saturday of December. With every year we involve new people, new entertainers, new activities, but there is something that never changes – Danish herring, traditional food and Akvavit

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Who is DCC?

DCC is the main organization representing Danes/Danish companies operating in Lithuania and others involved in Danish - Lithuanian operations. All our activities are based on a strong Danish identity and profile – and being a member should bring value, be interesting and be fun.

DCC is more than just interesting monthly meetings. It is the uniting organization creating network; promoting its members and Danish solutions in Lithuania and even challenging the authorities on matters relevant for the members; promoting its members and Lithuania in Denmark; and involving itself in activities, business as well as social, cultural and charity, relevant, challenging and of importance to its members.

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