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Danish Chamber of Commerce | AGM 2018

Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania now has officially started its new season!
The Annual General Meeting was held on 19th of April and hosted by Danish Embassy in Lithuania. We were honored to have Danish Ambassador H.E Dan E. Frederiksen to open the event with the welcome speech.  Afterwards Steen Trondhjem Nielsen, the chairman of DCC, had an introduction speech. Steen went through the year discussing all the things we have done and what we are planning to do.

Official part was moderated by DCC board member Laimonas Markauskas,  who started the presentation of DCC activities last year. DCC members had the opportunity to look back through the last year and identity successful moments and challenges that DCC met. Like usually, we had a few presentations about the DCC groups activities -  we invited Aušra Grybauskiene to present HR club, however Aušra is leaving HR club, but we say a huge thank you to her contribution and wish her good luck! Unfortunately the chairman of DCC charity group Jesper Vest was not able to participate. However we invited another great and active member of the charity group Carl Langhorn together with Greta Vaitekūnaitė to preset charity activities. Financial part was presented by  Torben Pedersen.

Afterwards we had a time for election! There was 5 candidates who had 2 minutes to introduce itself for the members of DCC and explain why they would like to be a part of the Board of DCC. After coffee break with a delicious snack the guests came back to hall to hear voting results - everyone were excited to hear who are the new members of DCC board. Three of the board members who were elected for 2 years remained the same -it is our chairman Steen Trondhjem Nielsen, Kim Bartholdy and Claus Vandsoe. However the rest of the board members could have changed but after counting the results we had to congratulate the previous board members - Laimonas Markauskas, Vilmantas Ladyga and Simonas Petrulis for staying at the DCC board for 2 years more! So now all board members can continue with the plans they have made during the year and make the next one more successful!

Afterwards, we were happy to introduce our guest Justina Klyviene, managing partner at Future leadership. During the Annual General Meeting workshop we talked about the future of DCC in a creative and visual way. We had created a groups where people had to show their creativity! No-one could disagree - we really had a great time and ended up with an amazing results! In the end there was 2 groups who had to present ideas how do they imagine DCC future. In conclusion it was clear that networking, business and Danish spirit + “hygge” are what we have to focus on.

We can proudly admit - AGM 2018 was a great success! We say huge THANK you for all who came, listened and also participated in this great workshop which gave us really lots of ideas for the next year! 

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DCC is the main organization representing Danes/Danish companies operating in Lithuania and others involved in Danish - Lithuanian operations. All our activities are based on a strong Danish identity and profile – and being a member should bring value, be interesting and be fun.

DCC is more than just interesting monthly meetings. It is the uniting organization creating network; promoting its members and Danish solutions in Lithuania and even challenging the authorities on matters relevant for the members; promoting its members and Lithuania in Denmark; and involving itself in activities, business as well as social, cultural and charity, relevant, challenging and of importance to its members.

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