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Festival of discussions BŪTENT! (“Makes Sense!”) is an annual assembly in a cosy open-air...

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Welcome to the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania

Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev

Welcome to Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCC), that unites more than 100 members – Danish companies in Lithuania and others involved in Danish–Lithuanian operations.

We strive to arrange activities and valuable opportunities for our members – and make it both interesting and fun to be a member.

If you are related to Denmark, but still not a member, consider joining our activities and discover what you’ve been missing!

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Sponsor Members


Students took over the biggest Kaunas shopping mall: how “playing”…

In today’s world, entrepreneurial mindset and competences such as teamwork, creativity, communication skills and critical thinking become more and more...

01-04-2019 Economy

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Ukraine’s Autocephaly: first results and possible influence on Orthodox world

Nearly three months ago, on January 6, Patriarch Bartholomew signed the Tomos of Autocephahy for the Ukrainian Orthodoxy. Though the...

29-03-2019 Foreign affairs

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Special ceremony for the Humanist of the Year Award at…

On March 26, 2019, the Ambassador of Finland to Lithuania HE Christer Michelsson and Mrs Ebba Michelsson, in co-operation with...

29-03-2019 Culture

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U.S. Ambassador: NATO is stronger with Lithuania, and Lithuania is…

Over the past year, Lithuania has marked historic anniversaries that have brought into focus both how much Lithuania has overcome...

29-03-2019 Defence

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Ramūnas Bogdanas. Fear of vaccination lives on since the 19th…

The first electrical lamp in Lithuania was lit on April 17, 1892 in the morning in Rietavas. Only 13 years...

28-03-2019 CORPORATE

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Facebook blocks web addresses for signatures supporting the electoral committee…

On Wednesday evening, the social network Facebook saw a mass blocking of all Internet addresses (URLs) linking to the electoral...

28-03-2019 Politics

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I. Šimonytė‘s team presents more than 68,000 voter signatures to…

On Thursday, pages with signatures from those supporting presidential candidate Ingrida Šimonytė’s bid were presented to the Central Electoral Commission...

28-03-2019 Politics

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Karolis Jovaiša. The January 13 trial process – a Nurnberg…

Similarly to the Nurnberg Tribunal, the January 13 trial process is more of a political than a legal act. It...

28-03-2019 CORPORATE

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Another former Seimas “Farmer” joins the Conservatives

The Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrat Seimas group is joined by yet another former member of the Farmer-Greens Seimas...

28-03-2019 Politics

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Accusations at Karbauskis and Širinskienė: unexpected turn after negotiations

After “Farmer” amendments to the children’s rights protection law were not passed by Seimas on Tuesday, “Farmer” leader Ramūnas Karbauskis...

27-03-2019 Politics

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Rokas Masiulis on Vaitkus’ dismissal: no other option here

Minister of Transport and Communications links complaints levied against himself to his dismissal of Arvydas Vaitkus from the Klaipėda State...

26-03-2019 Politics

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Second round scenarios emerge: victory margin could be narrow

Sociologists are already looking into scenarios, which could decide choices in the second round of the presidential elections and the...

26-03-2019 CORPORATE

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Vilnius: welcome to a dynamic film set

When Helen Mirren walks into her home as Catherine the Great in the new HBO mini series named after the...

26-03-2019 Culture

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Education experts from around the globe to meet at an…

On 4th of April, 2019 high-ranking politicians, professors, rectors and the best education experts from all around the globe will...

26-03-2019 Society

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Conservatives offer proposals on contending with anti-vaxxer parents

The Conservatives have proposed for anti-vaxxer parents to not be granted children’s grants so that such parents would have to...

26-03-2019 Politics

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Kęstutis Girnius. What will the main candidates‘ foreign policies be…

The key task of the Lithuanian president is to deal with the main foreign policy questions and together with the...

25-03-2019 CORPORATE

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Who is DCC?

DCC is the main organization representing Danes/Danish companies operating in Lithuania and others involved in Danish - Lithuanian operations. All our activities are based on a strong Danish identity and profile – and being a member should bring value, be interesting and be fun.

DCC is more than just interesting monthly meetings. It is the uniting organization creating network; promoting its members and Danish solutions in Lithuania and even challenging the authorities on matters relevant for the members; promoting its members and Lithuania in Denmark; and involving itself in activities, business as well as social, cultural and charity, relevant, challenging and of importance to its members.

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