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Building Network Construction Conference

Date: 15 November 09:00 - 17:00

Place: Copenhagen Marriot Hotel  |  City: København, Denmark

SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY to expand your activities in Scandinavia, which is investing heavily in urban and climate development, new infrastructure, high-rise buildings, offices, hotels, apartments, data centres, hospitals, research facilities and more.

The number of foreign contractors entering the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian construction sector is increasing day by day as the industry is eager to guarantee a sufficient number of skilled contractors, advisors, employees and equipment for the region’s record number of new construction projects.

THE 2018 CONFERENCE, which will take place on 15 November, is aimed at developers, advisors, general turnkey and specialised contractors, as well as suppliers to the construction industry interested in exploring the possibility of expanding their business in Scandinavia and networking with new potential partners and suppliers.
Speed date with the stakeholders on future construction projects in the region. In just one day, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge about the pipeline of projects. During special speed dating activities interspersed throughout the day, you’ll also have ample opportunity to network and speak individually with public and private developers, architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers.

BUILDING NETWORK AND COPENHAGEN CAPACITY have joined forces with various embassies and chambers of commerce to organise this exclusive second international networking conference on 15 November 2018. The conference will be in English and take place at Copenhagen Marriott Hotel.
REGISTER your interest in attending and whether you would like to present your skills and qualifications, advertise or become an exclusive partner for this year’s Building Network Construction Conference.

Keynote Speakers:
  • Senior Consultant, Esben Haarder Paludan, Municipality of Copenhagen
  • Senior Market Consultant, Cathrine Carøe, BaneDanmark
  • Technical Director, Christian Poulsen, Copenhagen Airports
  • Head of Business Development, Mikael Pontopidan, LINK Arkitektur
  • Director, Stefan Johansson, Invest in Skåne
  • Office Manager in Malmø, Tobias Magnesjö, Krook & Tjäder ab
  • Acting CEO, Anna Gissler, Stockholm Business Region
  • Extension of the Stockholm MetroStockholm County Council
  • International Strategist, CAMILLA ASHTON, TRAFIKVERKET
  • Head of Foreign Direct Investment, Andreas Göthberg, Business Region Göteborg
  • Infrastructure and construction plans, The Danish Road Directorate, TBA
  • Urban Development in Oslo, Erling Fossen, CEO, Oslo Metropolitan Area and
Marianne Skjulhaug, Head of Institute, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
You and your colleagues can follow our updates on: and find more information about the 50% early bird tickets and 25% on exhibits, conference partners and tickets for companies who have received this invitation from the embassies or chambers of commerce. 
Please note that 58 companies from abroad can still reserve early bird tickets at the 50% discounted rate of €334 + 25% VAT per person (normally €668+ 25% VAT) before October 1st.After this date the rest of the tickets are offered at the 25% discounted rate of €500 + 25% VAT.


The participants have the opportunity to:
• Distribute sales material and business cards on dedicates tables
• Speed ​​date with speakers and network with other participants
• Present company and name on the participant list
• Receive a copy of the printed conference program


 Exhibitors receive:
  • 2×2 m exhibition space with one high bar table, a chair in the conference area and room for two roll-up banners
  • 2 conference tickets
  • Half-page ad in the conference programme (print deadline 5 November 2018)
  • Company profile (250 words) on conference site linking to your website
  • Logo on conference site linking to your website
4 companies can still reserve exhibition space at the discounted rate of €1000 + 25% VAT
Partners receive:
• 10-15 minute keynote presentation
• 4×2 m exhibition space with two high bar tables, chairs in the conference area and room
for 4 roll-up banners
• 3 conference tickets
• One-page ad in the conference programme (print deadline 5 November 2018)
• Pre- and post-keynote teaser (100 words) in conference newsletter
(sent to participants and partners 3 days before and after conference)
• Company profile (250 words) on conference site linking to your website
• One-page flyer for inclusion with registration materials
• 120 x 400-pixel landing page banner on conference site linking to your website
• Logo on conference website linking to your website
1 company can still become conference partners at the discounted rate of €2500 + 25% VAT
Kalvebod Brygge 5
København, Denmark



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  • 15 November 09:00 - 17:00

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Sponsor Members


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